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Caleb Perkins: Game Developer


My name is Caleb and I’m a freshly minted graduate from Texas A&M University. I majored in Computer Science with a minor in Game Design & Development.

During my time at Texas A&M, I trained myself as a game developer through coursework, my student job, and my extracurricular activities. For over a year, I worked at a research lab that makes educational video games: the LIVE Lab. As a Technical Designer at the LIVE Lab, I gained extensive experience in the design aspect of games. This facet complements my technical training as a computer scientist to make me uniquely qualified to function in a variety of roles within the game development industry.

Outside of work, I had the pleasure of serving as an officer in the local student chapter of the IGDA: Texas Aggie Game Developers (TAGD). As an officer, I helped coordinate organization events and game jams, along with various recruitment efforts.

While I adore being a designer and working in a creative space, I also relish the elegance of code and enjoy learning new technologies and game engine features.

Over the course of my collegiate career, I’ve worked on multiple games and learned many important lessons from them. My two proudest accomplishments are Dimensional Shift, and A Walk Through Code, which experiment with VR technology to create engaging experiences. Both games allowed me to apply my love for UX design to make vibrant player interactions.

In my spare time, when I’m not working on games, I like playing tabletop games of all kinds. I have a passion for everything from Dungeons & Dragons to Magic: The Gathering to Warhammer 40,000.

I leave you with one last sentiment to describe myself: it’s all about the game.

Wherever I go, whatever I work on, I am passionate about making the coolest, most engaging, best games I can.