Cold Rain From An Unforgiving Sky


What is Cold Rain From An Unforgiving Sky?

Cold Rain is a 3D walking simulator created for a course in web design during my final semester at Texas A&M.  Due to the project’s three week scope, I wasn’t able to create a particularly large game, but I did get the chance to experiment with multiple new technologies like navmeshes and scriptable objects.

The game features four unique NPC’s, each equipped with their own conversational dialogue.  Cold Rain was meant to be a reflective piece full of self-expression about my time in college, and each NPC represents an important part of my experiences here, or a notable lesson I learned.

Who made Cold Rain From An Unforgiving Sky?

I designed and programmed the entirety of Cold Rain.  The game’s environment was modeled in Unity, and the NPC models were purchased for use in class.  The game’s soundtrack was made by Punch Deck.