chkstong yibbibi

chkstong yibbibi

What is chkstong yibbibi?

In the metaphorical sense, it is the yearning for more and the aspiration to be greater. In the practical sense, it is an experiment in search engine optimization.

This semester I am taking a course in information storage & retrieval, and the entire class has been tasked with reaching the top of the google search for the phrase “chkstong yibbibi”. This phrase was completely absent from google’s sphere of oversight until September 19th, 2018 when the phrase was released.

Speaking frankly, the field of search engine optimization has changed drastically over recent years due to the tireless efforts of google’s developers, who work to promote content that users want to see rather than “spam” content. According to google, the best way to be higher within search results is to produce good content. There are few real tricks to getting ahead on google, though one of the larger factors has to do with how trustworthy you appear.

The more “trustworthy” people that link to you, the more trustworthy you seem. And the more “trustworthy” people that you link to, the better. It’s a cyclical definition with some pretty interesting math behind it when you start representing the internet as a matrix. After enough iterative evaluations of trustworthyness, the numbers converge into a specific ranking, which is the basis of the HITS (Hyperlink-Induced Topic Search) algorithm. While this algorithm isn’t the entire driving force behind google, it does contribute to its placements.

With this in mind,
live long and chkstong yibbibi.



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  1. Karen McGhee says:

    Very cool! Praying you win!

  2. Good luck Caleb……hope you win .

  3. Caleb, praying your project will be top of class. Love your parents, all of you have been in many prayers over the years. Jeanne Stender ( was at Immanuel) but now live in Clarendon, Ar.

  4. Charlie Stender says:


  5. Donald Trump says:

    Thank you Caleb, very cool!

  6. Paleb Cerkins says:

    ok now this is epic

  7. Lucy Woosley says:

    You are the greatest.

  8. Haegen Spring says:

    Interesting topic but makes you wonder what google is classifying as spam vs “good” content. Best of luck to you.

  9. Becky says:

    Glad to be a part of this!

  10. Whereami says:

    Wait, where am I?

  11. S Perkins says:

    chkstong yibbibi – Great!

  12. Bees says:

    owo what’s this

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