Month: December 2018

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The Tetris Effect

The Tetris Effect

When I was a kid, waiting was the most unbearable thing in the world.  To have the seconds tick by — each one a rather large percentage of my life thus far — felt like an agony spent wasting eternity.  I needed to be doing something, all the time.  I will admit, not much has …

Android Studio

The Card: Developer Diary 01

Downloading Android Studio in order to set up a proper Android developer environment was a feat and a half. As I mentioned in my last blog post, one of my goals for the break is to design, develop, and ship a game.  The sooner I can do this the better, because it will help me …

Semester Retrospective

Featured image depicts Texas A&M Game Developers Halloween social – an event I directed! Assuming all goes well, the fall semester of 2018 will have been my second-to-last semester. It’s been a hard-fought journey wrought with more technical strain than I have ever encountered, and for this reason I lovingly titled it my “boss battle” …