The Card: Developer Diary 01

Android Studio

The Card: Developer Diary 01

Downloading Android Studio in order to set up a proper Android developer environment was a feat and a half.

As I mentioned in my last blog post, one of my goals for the break is to design, develop, and ship a game.  The sooner I can do this the better, because it will help me as I start applying for jobs in the industry.  I started making headway towards that last night and today, beginning with a foray into the world of android development.

What you see above you is a working demonstration of the full powers of my android arsenal.  When you push the “PUSH ME” button, the status text changes from “Unmodified” to “Modified” through event calls in a C# script.


  • Get Android dev environment up and running
  • Display something on my phone
  • Use phone input to change something on the screen


  • Focus on the overall game design before proceeding further
  • Establish a clear minimum viable product
  • Potentially set up a main menu for transitioning to other scenes / game modes
  • Potentially experiment further with touch input to see how it works beyond UI

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the progress so far.  Unfortunately, I did run into a few issues.  The first issue is that my phone (Oneplus 6) is not the kind that is auto-detected by Unity, so right now I am detected as “Any Android Device”.  Second, I need to restart Unity each time I start Unity Remote on my phone, but I think this is a common problem.  From what I understand, all I need to do is make sure I plug in my phone, start Unity Remote, and then start my Unity Session.  If I keep everything connected, it should last for the entirety of my dev session.

Lastly, one of the big issues that I will run into in the long term is the wide variety of screen resolutions available for android and mobile development in particular.  While I am not trying to make this available to absolutely everyone (at least not yet), I would like to hit a decent-sized audience.


With this in mind, I’m going to try and develop with decent-sized margins so that I’ll be able to crop and cut when necessary for various devices.

That’s all for now!



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